Photography and Videography Singapore

Providing Quality Photography and Videography to Corporate Clients in Singapore

We are a full service production company with an emphasis on taking your brand or organisation to the next level. Through years of experience we’ve come to realise it doesn’t take an over-sized crew and budget to create amazing photography and films that will captivate and engage your audience. We are passionate about what we do, skilful in our art and always look forward to bringing fresh ideas to life.

Brand and Business Stories

It’s in our nature to relate to other people, so by allowing customers into your world on a deeper level they are more inclined to buy or hire from you what you have on offer, especially if they see more than just the product or service itself.

Be it amazing photography that tells a story or an engaging 2-3 minute video about what your brand is all about and how it evolved to where it is today can be one of the most powerful tool your business can share.

Remember, you’re not only selling your product or service, but your personality, passion and business culture.

What we cover: Corporate Portraits and Videos, Industrial Photography and Videography, People at Work, Event & Lifestyle Photography and Videography


Each photography and videography assignment is quoted based on a thorough understanding of the shoot requirements. We are always happy to have a cuppa with clients in advance to discuss and plan the shoot in detail.

Most quotes are made up of a photography/videography fee for either a full-day or half-day rate, plus a fee for the time spent on digital download, shot selection and post-production. Other costs such as crew, talents, travel and studio hire are quoted based on the requirements of the shoot.