Social Media Marketing

Increase your Online Presence and generate more traffic with our Social Media Marketing Services

Social Media Marketing (SMM) has grown to become a crucial component of marketing strategy. It is designed to provide both customer interaction and online visibility. Hailed as the next level in online marketing, SMM combines social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc) with Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Social Media Marketing capitalizes on Social Media to drive traffic and attract attention. This is mostly done by sharing engaging content that can get shared from user to user, thus raising awareness of the subject.

The growing popularity of social networking sites like Facebook which boasts over a billion users. This has induced companies & marketers to engage with the intended target audience on this channel. Besides Facebook, other related platforms usch as Twitter, Pintrest and Instagram are also addressed.

This makes SMM a much sought after medium in today’s online marketing and that’s why so many companies are turning to Social Media Marketing in Singapore.

The Benefits Of Social Media Marketing

  • Social Media Marketing presents a cost-effective and sustainable way to drive traffic other than utilization of Search Engines.
  • A targeted marketing approach for a focused and tailored marketing campaign.
  • Ease of ‘sharing’is the biggest advantage of social networking that allows users to find and share interesting information with others. Together with the power of personal recommendations, it makes SMM effective.
  • Social media websites encourages engaging communities around interests and topics comprising of user-generated content. Being part of these communities gives your brand an opportunity to get heard and allows your customers to be heard. This first hand communication separates you from your competitors.

Some of our social media maintenance and marketing services include:

  • Facebook and Twitter brand page creation and maintenance
  • Social media analytic reporting
  • Engaging customers and sharing related information

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